The Pub

The White Horse pub in Heathrow, a small Inn nestling among the houses in Longford Village, was reputed to have been built in 1534 as a Smoke House for curing meat.

In 1601 it underwent construction and became an Inn an important place of call for travellers along the Bath Road which in those days, was the main road from London to Bath.

The bricked-up windows of The White Horse recall the window tax, which was introduced in 1696 and not repealed until 1851.

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Longford Village

Welcome to Longford Village, a hamlet at the western end of the northern runway of Heathrow Airport.  Although small, Longford has many historical point of interest… starting from the top end of the village…


The King’s Bridge over the Longford River


The King’s Bridge over the Longford River on The Old Bath Road.  A beautiful old bridge incorporating a plaque with the monogram WR 1834 underneath the royal crown.  This historical piece bridges the Longford River: a river dug on the orders of Charles I in 1638 who, in this year, commissioned an inquiry into ‘how the waters of the Colne River could be brought over Hounslow Heath into the Park’ so as to improve the water supply of Hampton Court.  The course of the Longford River was changed in the 1940’s as a result of the construction of Heathrow Airport.


Longford Baptist Chapel




Richard Weekly built the Chapel, originally names Zoar Baptist Chapel in 1859.  The name of the Chapel was later changed from Zoar to Zion.  The building has since been modified and incorporated into an adjoining house.




Pump on The Old Bath Road


Pump on The Old Bath Road , The Colnbrook Tunpike Trust, who had the responsibility for the upkeep of the Bath Road from 1727 until 1870, erected the pump.  It’s purpose was to keep the road watered down, as the traffic using the road sent up a large amount of dust.

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